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absolut.com (V&S Absolut Spirits)

Nya absolut.com:
absolut.com (new)

Gamla absolut.com:

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Absolut Drinks

www.absolut.com & www.absolutdrinks.com

Great Works / From Stockholm With Love / Albert Ken / 24HR / All Your Base / Elwood Design

Agency: Great Works
Creative Director: Ted Persson
Copywriter (Absolut Drinks): Martin Thomasson
Copywriter: Mans Jacobsson Hosk
AD/Designer: Jens Eriksson, Fredrik Karlsson
Designer: Martin Lofqvist
Design (Absolut Drinks): Elwood Design
Project Manager: Anders Larsson
Production Manager (Absolut Drinks): Jocke Wissing
Production Manager: Marco Guzman
Flash Production: From Stockholm With Love
Backend Production: Albert Ken
Production Company (Absolut Drinks): 24hr, All Your Base
Photography: Erik Hagman
Retouching: Martin Axkull, Jeanette Andersson, Bildinstitutet

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Absolut Helmut (V&S Absolut Spirits)


Great Works / Acne Digital / Albert Ken

Från kampanjsajten:

HELMUT LANG was born in Vienna, Austria in 1956. He began designing clothing in his early 20’s. During the following 30 years he developed an international following for the daring, cerebral clothing he created. Always cutting edge, Lang was the first designer to showcase his collection in an Internet fashion show in 1998. Today Lang has turned away from creations for the physical body and is instead creating two and three-dimensional artworks. Though he has changed mediums, he is still interested in the interplay between art and the Internet. Lang will share his first institutional solo art exhibit, ”ALLES GLEICH SCHWER” , that debuted in Hanover, Germany’s renowned kestnergesellschaft in August 2008 as a vision within theABSOLUT world. The exhibition will move to the virtual world on September 30. Viewers will be able to interact with and look at Lang’s most recent artworks.

Lang says the online platform allows all viewers to have anABSOLUT world experience of ”EQUAL ACCESS TO THE SAME INFORMATION” and it offers viewers ”THE UNIQUE EXPERIENCE OF VIEWING ART IN AN ISOLATED MANNER, WHICH ALSO HAS ITS INTERESTING SIDE.” And as an artist, he says it ”ALLOWS YOU TO CONTRADICT THE LAWS OF NATURE AT YOUR OWN RISK.” In collaboration with ABSOLUT, this, a radical new medium for viewing and experiencing art will be presented exclusively at ABSOLUT.COM/HELMUTLANG from September 30th – December 31st.

Great Works:
Stefan Persson kundansvarig, Ted Persson creative director, Jacob Åström, Jakob Nielsen art directorer, Jessica Thorelius projektledare, Ulrika Schreil, Jocke Wissing produktionsledning, Magnus Wålsten strategi, Zoe Turnbull, Krista Freibaum online pr
Produktionsbolag: Acne Digital
Teknikkonsult: Albert Ken

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oddmolly.com (Odd Molly)


Albert Ken

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