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The World’s Most Popular Mobile Animation App is Updated!

It’s been not more than a few months since Loopcam saw day light for the first time. What started as a mere attempt to make a simple, yet powerful animation tool for everyone — turned out to be the starting point of something much bigger.
Now stop motion looping is in the hands of everyone. Loopcam is the number 1 animation tool out there, hitting the App Store charts from all over the world.

Featuring ✔ Tumblr Sharing Support ✔ Front Facing Camera ✔ Friend Feed View ✔ Flashlight.

This is the first update of the incredibly popular gif-animation app for iPhone. Free of charge!

Visit the favorites section of our site for further reference

Thanks all brilliant creators for partaking this glorious journey!

»Loopcam looks good, worked flawlessly and provided useful results immediately — great even compared to many paid apps«
— Der Spiegel

»Loopcam is already a success!«
— MacWorld

»It’s the limitations and idiosyncrasies of a service that truly defines it’s value«
— Social Media Group


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