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fmmattsson.se (FM Mattsson)

fmmattsson.se (FM Mattsson)

Länk: www.fmmattsson.se

Byrå: Supernative / iTeam

FM Mattson with a history of 150 years, has become the leading producer of taps in Sweden.

In Sweden their products are the choice of professionals and now, as more of us are renovating our homes, homeowners alike. Because of this new group of home owners FM Mattsson needed a better platform from which to explain the benefits of their product range.
After extensive research and interviews with key customers and partners we saw that we needed to, realign the design in order break down preconceptions that FM Mattsson products are not good looking. There was also a strong need to educate the visitor on the important factors that they should think about at each phase of buying and installing a new tap.

In the final site design, we placed the products in focus making the product presentation page the heart of the site. We purposely did not separate the professional and private visitors, but rather built a page that presents all the information that each target group would need in a clear and effective manner. In turn to support the special relationship that FM Mattsson has with their retailer network we created a function using google maps that lead the user through to their nearest retailer or installations partner.

Services provided:

* Online brand strategy
* Digital brand idenity
* Site concept
* Structure concept
* Interaction design
* Art direction
* Graphic design

Creative Director: Steinar Danielsen
Art Director: Samuel Gidlöf
Teknisk Projektledare: Anders Bornholm


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